Careers Using ERP Systems

To date, many business and non-business Seidman ERP Program graduates with various levels of SAP® specialization have received multiple employment offers with such companies as:

  • Cargill
  • Deloitte
  • GM
  • Chrysler
  • Wolverine World Wide
  • Steelcase

Due to their knowledge, many undergraduate students who chose to partake in internships are asked to join a company even before they graduate.

To some extent, future career opportunities are dependent on the skill sets that can be obtained through the Seidman ERP Program.  Business and non-business students who possess some or all of the ERP skill sets are more marketable and in greater demand no matter what their major is.

ERP Careers By Skill Set

SAP Skill Set For Grand Valley State University Michigan

Basic Understanding of ERP Systems

  • SAP® Business Analyst
    The position of SAP® Business Analyst is essentially that of an internal process consultant, bridging the gap between the business process requirements of the end users and the technical configuration of the SAP® system.
  • Customer Support Analyst
    Work with customers, consultants, and partners to understand their needs and expectations and to direct them to the proper solution in a timely manner.
  • SAP® Consultant
    Assist customers in defining best practice processes for invoice handling and associated processes.  Participate in the development of a solution description that details the customer requirements. 

Understanding Of Integration Between Business Processes

  • ERP Implementation Consultant
    Install and configure SAP® to meet each client's individual requirements, and participate in end-user training and on-going customer support.
  • ERP Project Manager
    Work closely with cross-functional teams; cultivate positive team dynamics, and coordinate effective communication such as leading meetings to ensure success.  Oversee project from inception to launch; including requirements gathering, user acceptance, coordinating implementation across teams, and post-launch support.

  • SAP® Solution Manager Consultant
    Involve in Onsite-Offshore coordination activities (handover-takeover, off business hour activity tracking, offshore reporting).  Provide Solution Manager support to SAP® implementation as well as support teams and internal customers/clients.

Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
    Lead the configuration of standard and custom SAP® BW and Epicor data cubes.  Assist in the creation of process flows, use cases, requirements, and/or functional specs.  Define and document data interfaces, data conversions, info objects, info sources, and report designs.

  • SAP® Business Objects/Business Intelligence
    Responsible for the design, development, testing, and support of Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence applications.  Develop design specifications including data requirements, business logic, user interface changes, use cases, screen layouts, roles and responsibility matrices and state model design.

  • Enterprise Data Management Manager
    Explore data to perform advisory and implementation services to address manufacturing, financial, human resources, customer relationship management, procurement, order management, supply chain, and other business needs throughout the enterprise.

Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics Analyst
    Responsible for the delivery of business analytics, providing qualitative and quantitative analysis of large and varied data sets to data analytics team.  Leverages data mining and predictive modeling tools to provide actionable recommendations and solve business/operational problems.  Creates predictive models (i.e. linear and non-linear regression, cluster association, decision trees, neural networks, etc.) that are relevant and actionable.

  • Manager - Risk Data Analytics
    Finance & Operations Risk Transformation assists clients in managing their financial and operational risks resulting from market volatility, changes in statutory reporting requirements, changes in products and markets, third party relationships across the supply chain, corporate actions or events and emerging regulatory requirements impacting finance, treasury and business operations.

  • Data Analytics Engineer
    Responsible for the design of data infrastructure projects & proof of concept business solutions, including the building of client requirements, and ensuring the testing of business solutions for clients in Product Operations.  Partner with Technology to help identify data for a specific analysis or application and design the structures and standards that support the effective management, governance and use of information assets to support business products, projects and initiatives.

Extensive Knowledge of Integrated Processes

  • ERP Enterprise Architect
    Access the current landscape, document findings and identify bottlenecks as well as areas of improvement for clients.
  • SAP® HANA Cloud Portal/ Integration Developer
    Development and integration flows with monitoring with Cloud Repository Integration with SAP®

  • SAP® ABAP Integration/Testing Solution Engineer
    Understands the benefits of using state of the art methods and tools and their application on a particular engagement; contributes to continuous development of methods and tools.  Develops solutions to client problems through application of methods and tools; validates solutions to subject matter experts.

Extensive Accounting Process Knowledge

  • SAP® FICO Lead
    Experience with Bank Accounting - lockbox and electronic bank statement. Experience with settlement processes and financial reporting. Experience with Profit Center Accounting, Cost Center Accounting, Contribution Margin Accounting, Product Cost Calculation & Internal Orders.
  • SAP® Bank Analyzer
    Support implementation of Accounting for Financial Instruments (AFI) scenarios at US-based banks. This role will support the execution of workshops with the business, design of the application, and the definition and execution of test scenarios, among other implementation full cycle responsibilities.
  • Global Accounting Manager
    Monitor & establish SAP® financial processes from a financial accounting perspective. Provides support for corporate, plant & operating personnel to ensure timely monthly financial close, reporting & analysis of financial & operational reports. Performs certain SAP® system monthly closing/maintenance functions, monitors & designated transactional/balance activities & prepares reports for various Administrative, Accounting, Tax, Operations & Audit Groups.

How Do I Find Opportunities In ERP Such As Internships And Jobs?

The same techniques can be used, whether looking for an internship or a job. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time, so start your search early (at least one semester before you want to be hired). While some search techniques are more effective than others, using a combination of the strategies listed below tends to provide the best results.

It’s important to note that, when speaking with potential employers, you want to know the kind of experience you are looking for, the skills you have to be successful, and in the case of an internship, any academic requirements you may have to meet.

  • Network, Network, Network - On average, 75% of internships and jobs are never posted, so identify companies/organizations you are interested in and contact them directly or use social media to create professional relationships.
  • Attend Events - The Career Center, The ERP Initiative and The Enterprise Systems Student Union, as well as, other departments on campus organize events that bring employers right to campus. These are great opportunities to connect with potential internship/job sites. View a list of upcoming Career Center Events and ESSU Events.
  • Express Your Interest - By expressing your interest, you can get noticed by an employer. By interacting appropriately and asking pertinent questions can lead to being contacted about opportunities in the future.
  • Get Connected - We have instances when employers and companies contact the ERP Initiative directly looking for job and internship candidates. Their posts are then positioned on the EESU Group on LinkedIn.
  • If you have a Specific Company in mind that you are interested in, you can also seek out their job board on their website and look for the technology based positions.

You can find more information about career options by visiting some of the technology-focused jobs sites below:

Search for the terms "ERP," "Business Intelligence," "Enterprise Systems," "Business Intelligence Reporting," "Data Analytics," or "SAP" and read the descriptions of the opportunities advertised.

Page last modified June 1, 2018