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Faculty/Staff Directory


Name Email Title  
Baker-Clark, Charles Associate Professor: Hospitality and Tourism Management View Profile
Christopher, Norman Director, Office of Sustainable Practices View Profile
Fleischmann, Shirley Professor of Engineering View Profile
Griffin, Carol Professor: Biology View Profile
Hunt, Jodee Professor: Biology View Profile
Isely, Paul Professor of Economics View Profile
Kibet, Justine Academic Department Coordinator View Profile
King, Sarah Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies View Profile
Lioubimtseva, Elena Professor and Chair, Geography and Planning Department View Profile
McFarland, Amy Assistant Professor View Profile
Molla, Azizur Associate Professor View Profile
Parker, Kelly Program Director; Professor of Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and Liberal Studies View Profile
Penn, Jim Associate Professor: Geography and Planning View Profile
Riemersma, Peter Associate Professor of Geology View Profile
Schneider, Laura Assistant Professor: Political Science View Profile
Stewart, Jennifer Associate Professor: Sociology View Profile
Vail, Janet Associate Research Scientist, Annis Water Resources Institute View Profile
Weber, John Associate Professor: Geology View Profile