What We Offer

The English Department strengthens the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and the richness of literature, past and present.

Elementary and Secondary English Education
The Grand Valley State University English Department is dedicated to the development of effective K-12 teachers. Our graduates will be able to recognize and generate quality methods for the teaching of the subject matter of the English Language Arts. Our graduates will seek to enhance their students' understanding of and interaction with the content of the discipline and of disciplines across the curriculum . . . More

Language and Literature
The Grand Valley English Department offers literature courses in a variety of fields. All English majors begin by taking foundation courses that are designed to foster a broad knowledge of the important writers of the British and American traditions. The department also offers courses that introduce students--both English majors and majors from around the university--to literature from around the world. Upper-level literature courses offer students the opportunity to focus in more depth on particular writers or time periods . . . More

Linguistics and ESL/TESOL
The English Department offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in linguistics and TESOL. The undergraduate offerings provide students with basic knowledge of language study and analysis and expose students to the fundamental issues in language education and learning, including teaching English as a second language to non-native and immigrant students . . . More

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