Joy Schaefer

Visiting Professor
Department of English

237 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-3085

Joy Schaefer

African / African-American Studies
AAA/ENG 337 Contemporary Black Literature

English Literature and Language
ENG 105 Literatures in English
ENG 204 World Mythology
ENG 215 SWS Foundations of Literary Study: Genres
ENG 216 Foundations of Literary Study: Critical Approaches

FVP 225: Film Culture

Research Interests
My most recent work draws on transnational feminism to analyze histories and representations of public secondary schools located in marginalized neighborhoods. I examine how these institutions often fail to include the non-‘universal’ student (e.g. the ‘veiled’ Muslim girl; the queer racialized figure) in the contexts of (post)colonial France and the U.S., comparing representations before and after key historical events: May ’68; September 11, 2001; and the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack. I argue that films from the 1950s to 2015 reveal a startling continuity: the public secondary school acts as a prison-like space that contains and controls bodies that have been socially constructed as inadequate for integration or assimilation.                  

Recent Publications
Schaefer, Joy. “The Spatial-Affective Economy of (Post)Colonial Paris: Reading Haneke’s Caché (2005) through Octobre à Paris (1962).” Studies in European Cinema, vol.14. no. 1, 2017, pp. 48-65.

Schaefer, Joy. “Must We Burn Hitchcock? (Re)viewing Trauma & Effecting Solidarity with The Birds (1963).” Quarterly Review of Film & Video, vol. 32, no. 4, 2015, pp. 329-343.

Recent Honors, Awards and Distinctions
Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grant for presentation at Society for Cinema & Media Studies annual conference (see below). GVSU, 2018. 

Vivien Hartog Best Graduate Instructor Award, Stony Brook University (2016)

Recent Professional Activities 
Presenter, “Hijab as Ritual in Faiza Ambah’s Mariam (2015).” Women Filmmakers in France panel. Society for Cinema & Media Studies. Toronto. 14-18 March 2018.

Co-Curator, inaugural New York Feminist Film Week. Anthology Film Archives. NYC. 7-12 March 2017.

Invited Speaker, introductions to Alice Guy-Blaché and Germaine Dulac films. “Woman with a Movie Camera: Female Film Directors Before 1950.” Anthology Film Archives. NYC. 17 & 25 September 2016.

Presenter, “The Ecole Laïque as Transnational Microcosm.” Imagining Ethnicity, Race, and Racial Politics panel. Society for Cinema & Media Studies. Atlanta. 30 March - 3 April 2016. 

Co-Organizer & Co-Chair, “Global Feminist Film: Diversity on Screen.” Workshop with filmmakers Patricia Silva & Mila Zuo. Northeastern Modern Language Association. Hartford, CT. 17-20 March 2016. 

Presenter, “Performing Laïcité: The Banlieue Public School as Theater & Prison in Skirt Day (2009).Precarity: National Women’s Studies Association. Milwaukee. 12-15 November 2015. 

Presenter, “The Spatial-Affective Economy of (Post)colonial Paris.” European Cinema Research Forum Annual Conference: Space & Place in European Cinema. National University of Ireland, Galway. 7-8 July 2015. 

Co-Organizer & Co-Chair, “Trigger Warnings & the Neoliberal Classroom: Rethinking Pedagogy in Our Time of Precarity.” Humanities Institute, Stony Brook University. 18 February 2015. 

Ph.D., Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies, Stony Brook University
M.A., Comparative Literature, Stony Brook University 
Advanced Graduate Certificate, Women’s & Gender Studies, Stony Brook University
M.A., French Studies, New York University
B.A., English & French, Aquinas College
A.A., English, Grand Rapids Community College