Karen Pezzetti

Assistant Professor
Department of English
English Education

431 RFH
(616) 331-3581

Pezzetti Reading Comic ENG 100

Karen Pezzetti

ENG 100 Reading for College Across the Majors
ENG 304 International Children's Literature 
ENG 310 Teaching Writing: Secondary 
ENG 311 Teaching Literature to Adolescents
ENG 334 American Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
ENG 380 Special Topics - Gender & Sexuality in Literature for Children and Young Adults
ENG 400 Language Arts for Teaching
EDI 331 Methods and Strategies for Secondary Teaching
EDI 432 Student Teaching, Secondary Content Practicum

Research Interests
My research focuses on issues of social justice in English Education. My current project examines the ways that teachers' understandings of race and racism can impact their instructional practices.

Recent Publications
Pezzetti, K. (2019). Daily oral language, the bell tolls for thee: A critique of daily sentence editing exercises. Language Arts Journal of Michigan. 

McNamara Horvat, E. and Pezzetti, K. (2018). “Power, Relationships, and Trust in Sociological Research on Homes, Schools and Communities.” Handbook of the Sociology of Education in the 21st Century, Sage Publications. Edited by Barbara Schneider.

Pezzetti, K. 2017. “I’m not racist; my high school was diverse!” White preservice teachers employ diversity in the classroom.  Whiteness and Education.

B.A., UC Berkeley  
M.A., UC Berkeley
Ph.D., Temple University