Christen Pearson

Department of English

237 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-2993

Christen Pearson

ENG 363 Applied Linguistics
ENG 467 Language Disorders and English Literacy
ENG 660 Educational Linguistics
ENG 665 Second Language Acquisition
ENG 669 Teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL)


Research Interests
Interface of second language acquisition and language disorders in children; Second language acquisition in post-institutionalized internationally adopted children.

Recent Publications 
Pearson, C. (to appear).  Real boys don’t do language and literacy – Or do they?  MITESOL Journal (online).

Pearson, C. (2015).  Too much stress and not enough food for thought (or learning).  Expanding Our Perspectives:  From the Classroom to the Community:  Selected Proceedings of the 2014 Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference, Volume 9, 1-28.  

Pearson, C. (2014).  ‘Food for thought’ when working with those ‘hungry for success’.  Realizing Transitions: Common Core,

College, Career: Selected Proceedings of the 2013 Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference, Volume 8, 51-65. 

Pearson, C. (2011). Where did it go?  The hide and seek of language attrition and the freeze tag of language stagnation.  Transforming Learning: Teaching and Advocacy & ESL at the Crossroads:  Combined Two-Year MITESOL 2009-2010 Conference Proceedings (pp. 90-104).  Lulu Press:  MITESOL.  ISBN 978-1-105-08136-1.

Pearson, C. (2010).  A new home, a new culture, a new language: Issues affecting SLA in older internationally adopted children. TEIS On-Line Journal, 24(2). (TESOL International Association: Teacher Education Interest Section)

B.A., University of Miami
M.A., Southern Illinois
Ph.D, Indiana University