2020 Oldenburg Writing Contest Winners Announced

2020 Oldenburg Writing Contest Winners Announced

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s winners of the English Department’s Oldenburg Writing Contest!  Congratulations to all who won, and thank you to all who entered!  A heartfelt thank you, as well, goes out to all our faculty judges who made these difficult decisions.   

Fiction written by an GVSU undergraduate student

First Place - "Two Feet" by Amanda Pszczolkowski
Second Place - "Déjà vu" by Sidra Elvey
Third Place - "The Gods of Summer" by Chavala Ymker
Honorable Mention - "Blinking Twice" by Robert Hyma
Honorable Mention - "Meant for More" by Alaina Taylor

Essay, poetry, fiction, or drama written by a GVSU graduate student

First Place - "Do you think a bunch of little angels is what's needed here?': A Posthumanist Reading of Rita Indiana's Tentacle" by Nicholas Langenberg
Second Place - "He was a Man!": Interest Convergence in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man  by Josh Aldrich
Third Place - A Personal Character Reflection From The Short Story "The Thing Around Your Neck"by Britteany Duffus

Personal essay written by a sophomore, junior, or senior

First Place - "Romerstrabe" by Chelsea Sheneman
Second Place - "The Tillerwomen" by Hannah Lee Kelly
Third Place - "On Loneliness, Grief, and Guinea Pigs" by Leah Erben
Honorable Mention - "On 1993 Slaughterhouse" by Tasman Mattox

Poetry written by any GVSU undergraduate student (small portfolio of 3-5 poems)

First Place - "To Be Grown" by  Meghan Claire O'Neill
Second Place - "Butterscotch" by Brooke Fugate
Third Place - "Cliffs of Moher" by Megan Markel
Honorable Mention - "I Swear I Heard an Owl" by Sidra Elvey
Honorable Mention - "Water Skiing" by Leah Erben
Honorable Mention - "A List of My Ex-Lovers" by Abigail Hasse

Analytical or persuasive essay written by a sophomore, junior, or senior

First Place - "Choosing Silence: An Exploration of Measure for Measure" by Sidra Elvey
Second Place - "Hidden Reality" by Eleanor Zimmermann
Third Place - "Globalization as Compassion" by Haley Tanis

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