Professor Pezzetti Awarded Pew Teaching Excellence Award

Professor Pezzetti Awarded Pew Teaching Excellence Award

English Education Professor Karen Pezzetti was recently honored with a Pew Teaching Excellence Award at the 13th Annual Faculty Awards Convocation on Tuesday, February 11, 2020. 

Karen Pezzetti models the pedagogy she wants her future educators to embody. In doing so, she cultivates reflection, theory, and action toward the development of critical consciousness. Colleagues and students alike celebrate the success of this approach by acknowledging her as a “fantastic teacher.” Observations and evaluations of her practices celebrate her ability to teach difficult concepts with creative use of technology and reflection. Pezzetti actively mentors students outside the classroom, earning her a Queer Connections Excellence in Mentoring award. Her scholarship and connections to teachers in the field have expanded opportunities for Grand Valley students to flourish in the community.

Congratulations, Professor Pezzetti!

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