Internship Opportunities

GVSU’s Semester in Grand Rapids program offers GVSU students from all disciplines a unique opportunity to learn about the history and context of Grand Rapids while completing a community-based internship.

The Semester in Grand Rapids program is a cohort-based, academic, community-engaged program where students take courses about Grand Rapids (HST 380, LIB 341), and complete 3-credits of a community-based internship (IDS 490), all from a social justice perspective.  

The advantages of this program for students are many:

    • Students take 3 credits of internship, a portion of which is devoted to dedicated classroom reflection. This model allows students to learn from each other through guided dialogue and reflection, rather than a traditional internship which typically happens in isolation
    • There is a unique alignment of the internship placement with classroom learning in HST 380 (Race, Class, and Community Formation in Grand Rapids) and IDS 341 (Leadership for Social Change)
    • Students meet academic requirements, including SWS, Issues, U.S. Diversity, and Internship credits
    • In addition to gaining valuable practical experience in the community through their internships, students will be exposed to community organizations and leaders working towards positive change in the City of Grand Rapids through field trips, seminars, and additional opportunities

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