Kathleen Blumreich

Department of English

Language and Literature

221 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-3074
[email protected]

Kathleen Blumreich

ENG 220 British Literature I
ENG 321 British Literature: Medieval Literature
ENG 330 Studies in Fiction
ENG 386 Literary Responses to Death and Dying
ENG 603 Seminar in British Literature
ENG 651 Literary Period Seminar
ENG 661 Author or Topic Seminar

Research Interests
My research interests include: medieval religious literature, medieval romance (the Arthurian tradition), literature and law, feminist theory, contemporary British and American fiction.

Select Scholarship

Paper: "Multicultural Literature in the Monocultural Classroom." Midwest Modern Language Association, Chicago, Illinois, November 2019 [accepted for presentation]. 

Paper: "Empathetic Nihilism in the University Classroom." College English Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 2019.

Paper: “Maybe They Can Help It: Lesbian and Gay Literature in the Classroom.” Midwest Modern Language Association, 57th Annual Convention, Columbus, Ohio, November 2015.

Essay: “Indescribable Freedom: Pushing an Agenda Called ‘Equality’.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan 30.2 (Spring 2015): 4-7.

Paper: “Heloise and the Wife of Bath as Spiritual Warriors.” 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2013.

Book review: Rhiannon Purdie, Anglicising Romance: Tail-Rhyme and Genre in Medieval English Literature. (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2008. Encomia: Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Courtly Literature Society 31 (2009): 56-58.

Article: “‘I ne sey no3t þis in despyt of wommen’: Antifeminism in Robert de Gretham’s Mirror.” Medieval Feminist Forum 38 (Winter 2004): 38-46.

Book: The Middle English ‘Mirror’: An Edition Based on Bodleian Library, MS Holkham misc. 40. Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, Vol. 182. (Tempe, Arizona: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies) 2002. i – xlv + 558 pp.

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University

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