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Mechanical Engineering Students
Mechanical Engineering Students

Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the oldest and broadest engineering, focusing on the production, transfer, and manipulation of energy and matter, through innovative systems, machines, and methods, for the benefit of humanity.

Our mission is to equip students with the scientific and technical background, the experiential and professional training, and the problem-solving skills, needed to enable them to perform with excellence, and lead, in their engineering careers, and in changing the world into a better place.  GVSU-ME offers accredited programs at the Bachelor and Master levels, leading to entry into the full ME range of careers, from Graduate Studies and R&D to Industrial and Manufacturing careers, and; from Nanotechnology to Aerospace applications. Cooperative education and project-based education are two of the main strength elements of the ME program at GVSU. The program offers electives in the areas of:

Machine Design, Energy and Fluids, Control and Automation, and Emerging Technologies (e.g. Alternative Energy, Human Biomechanics, Nanotechnology, etc!).

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Fall 2015 EGR 345 Semester Project Demonstrations

Team 7

Mechanical Engineering student project

Team 8

Mechanical engineering student project

Mechanical Engineering Chair

Dr. Reffeor

Wendy Reffeor, Ph.D.

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Office Address: 335 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
Phone: (616) 331-6010
Email: [email protected]

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