Nanotechnology Courses

Two courses were developed and offered in the area of nanotechnology for engineering and science students. These courses are:

EGR 357 Fundamentals of Nanotechnology
The course introduces students to the field of nanotechnology. Topics include: sizes and scaling laws, characteristics of nanomaterials, growth, fabrication, and measurement techniques for nanostructures, applications in electronics, photonics, mechanics, chemistry, and medicine. In addition, the societal impact and ethical dimensions of nanotechnology will be covered. Laboratory and hands-on activities are integrated in the course lectures.

EGR 457 Nano/Micro Systems Engineering
This is a second course in the nanotechnology sequence. Topics include: micro/nano systems and micro/nano electronics, essential electrical and mechanical concepts, micro/nanosystems design, micro/nano fabrication processes, electrostatic sensing and actuation, piezoresistive sensing and actuation, piezoelectric sensing and actuation, assembly, packaging, and testing of micro/nanosystems. Laboratory includes hands-on projects.

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