Computer Recommendations

Deciding on what laptop to buy for college is a hard decision. Here are our recommendations:

  • Laptops are recommended over desktops.
  • Memory- The more the better, maximize this option.
  • Hard drive- You will need at least a 500gb hard drive or higher.
  • Video Cards- The onboard video card is fine.
  • Size- Some students prefer the larger screens and may need them for their CAD work. However, the downside is the weight of carrying such a heavy laptop around all the time. In this area, you should weigh your personal needs as you will be the one carrying the computer around.
  • CPU- Faster- you should look for options with more cores.
  • Brand is up to you, but note that GVSU has agreements with Dell & Lenovo.
  • Click here for information on discounts offered to GVSU students.
  • If you chose to purchase a Mac, note that it will need to be able to run Windows for many of the programs used in our departments.
  • Netbooks/tablets will not work.

Please note that the price tag may seem high now, keep in mind that it is typical for a student to be in the program 4-6 years (depending on course load).  A top of the line machine now will be out of date come graduation. To avoid the possibility of having to purchase a new machine in a few years it may be practical to purchase some of the costly upgrades now.

Page last modified June 16, 2016