Panopto: Using Panopto Web Capture (for Faculty)


If you are a student, please go to this page for Student Recording Tutorial

Panopto Web Capture has all the same functionality as the previous Panopto application but does not require you to download and install an application. The Panopto website and folder system has not changed. This handout will overview everything you need to know about using the recorder.
The GVSU Panopto portal is:

1. To start creating content in Panopto go to Click “Sign in” on the top right and in the pop-up also click sign in. At the Blackboard sign-in page enter your credentials and once you click “login” you will be redirected back to Panopto.

Sign In

2. Once you are in Panopto navigate to your “My Folder” in the top left. Add a new folder for all courses, by clicking “Add folder” in the middle of the screen. Give the folder a title, you may want to use your course name.

Add Folder

3. Once you have created that folder click it.

Click SubFolder

4. To access the recorder, click on the ‘Create’ button and select ‘Panopto Capture.’

Panopto Capture location

5. The Panopto web recorder screen will look like this.

The options at the top are for selecting audio, video, or screen sharing options respectively. Notice the record button below your camera display. You can see if the recorder is picking up your audio through watching the horizontal line that goes behind the record button bounce as it detects audio inputs.

audio, video, screen capture, recording

6. Click on the screen capture button to enable it. It will bring up a window that looks like this. Select the window you want to record and hit ‘Share.’

Share Screen

7. Click record when you’re ready to start the 5 second countdown. Recording will start after 5 seconds, giving you time to switch over to a powerpoint presentation.

*You do not need to be looking at the recorder after you hit the record button, it will record in the background*

8. Click on the Stop (record) button when you’re done. You’ll be redirected to the uploading page, and the video will automatically start uploading your most recently visited folder. You can still rename your video from here, or select the folder that it needs to be uploaded to. 

The video is uploading after you stop recording

9. You can close the page when you see the text, ‘Getting your video ready for editing.’ This means the video has finished uploading and is now processing.

*It is very important that your video is uploaded to a SUBFOLDER and not your My Folder. If your video is located in your My Folder, students will not be able to view it*

Your video is ready message

*You can expand you My Folder to find subfolders by clicking on the little black triangles to the left of a folder name*

10. When the video is done processing, you will have access to the ‘Edit’ and ‘Share’ button. Clicking these will redirect you to the Panopto editor or viewer, which have not changed.

Now your video is ready to be Embedded into your Blackboard course. Click this link to view the handout for Embedding Panopto Videos into Blackboard.

Page last modified May 16, 2023