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This page is referring to adding Panopto in Blackboard Classic. For up-to-date Blackboard Ultra handouts, please refer to this page:

This tutorial already assumes Panopto has been provisioned to the Blackboard course. If this has not been done follow Connect Blackboard and Panopto

*Setting up student video submissions require you to create a special [Assignment] folder, which is different from a subfolder and has a different creation process. Without creating an [Assignment] folder, students will not have access to create videos in your course. Be sure to follow the steps to the end*

  1. Click Add Menu Item icon in the top left corner of the menu
  2. Click “Tool Link”
Click the plus icon then in the drop down menu select tool link

  1. Enter a name, find “Panopto Course Tool Application”, and check “Available to Users”
  2. Click “Submit”
Enter a name, select Panopto Course Tool Application and click submit

  1. An assignments folder will need to be assigned, to do so, click the Folder Settings icon (cog) in the right corner of the Panopto page
  2. Click “Create Assignment Folder”

Note: Make sure that your students know to click on the “assignments” subfolder. [Assignments] will be at the name of the subfolder in brackets.


Allowing Students to see their classmate's videos

By default the ability for students to see each other's videos submitted is turned off. If the video assignment requires students to see each other’s videos follow these steps to allow them to do so. panopto-allowing-students-to-see-their-classmates-videos-157.htm

Go into the assignment folder in Panopto and click the settings button (wheel or cog in the top right corner).

Settings option in Panopto

The click the settings tab

Settings table in video settings menu

Then check on “Allow viewers to see each other’s sessions"

"Allow viewers to see each other's sessions" option in the folder settings menu

Page last modified April 28, 2023