Panopto: Outside Video Creation and Editing Resources

If your assignment requires more than simply speaking on video, or is a group video project, you will need to use some sort of video software to compile and edit the videos. While Grand Valley does not have an official video system it supports other than Panopto, this guide provides helpful free resources for students to use.

Video Editors


iMovie is a Mac only video editor that comes with Apple computers. iMovie is a user-friendly and incredibly robust tool for compiling multiple clips and images, creating smooth transitions, and editing them into one video.

Microsoft Photos

Photos comes standard on Windows computers. It is not as robust as iMovie, but allows users to compile and trim multiple clips and images. It also provides a recording feature to add voiceovers to videos.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a web-based video editor. It will work for both Windows and Apple computers. Adobe Spark allows users to assemble and compile multiple videos or images, add voiceover, and add music to a video.

Video Resources

The Noun Project

The Noun Project provides simple minimalist visuals and icons for just about anything. These are great when creating informational clips in a video. The free versions only allow you to download in black and do require attribution to the creator of the work in the video.

The Noun Project

Creative Commons

Creative Commons search offers users access for multiple kinds of media to be added to a video. While it is not a search engine itself, it is a portal to several different search engines that offer media that can be used.

Creative Commons

Internet Archive is a library of free content including music, video, and images. Each piece of music, imagery, and video has its own creative commons licensing so be mindful of that when using content from this site.

Internet Archive

Creative Commons Licensing

For more Information on referencing creative commons works please review the Creative Commons About the Licenses page.

Page last modified July 22, 2019