Panopto: Creating Quizzes

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This page is referring to adding Panopto in Blackboard Classic. For up-to-date Blackboard Ultra handouts, please refer to this page:

This tutorial already assumes Panopto has been provisioned to the Blackboard course. If this has not been done follow Connect Blackboard and Panopto

Creating Quizzes

  1. To get started first navigate in Panopto to the video you would like to add a quiz to and click on “edit”.
Edit button

  1. Once in the edit menu click on quizzes on the left-hand side. Next, pick the point in the video you would like the first question to appear. Note: it may be best to put all of your questions near the end as a formative assessment of the content that was given to your students throughout the video. Once you have selected where you would like your questions to be clicked on “add a quiz” at the top right of the screen.
Quizzes section, Add a Quiz

  1. Once on this screen, you can choose the question type. At this time the only options are multiple-choice, check all that apply and true/false. Once you’ve selected your question choice write your question and answers in the appropriate boxes, if you’d like to add more answer options click on add answer. To select the correct answer, fill in the circle selector next to the correct answer.


After you have typed your first question you can add another question that would appear immediately after your students answer their first question. After you have added all of the questions you would like to your quiz click on done.

Question options

  1. On this next screen, you can choose from a few different quiz settings that Panopto has available. You will also want to check to ensure that the video appears at the point in the video that you intended. Once you have selected your settings click on finish and then click publish at the top of the page.
Publish Quiz

Integrating Panopto Quizzes into Blackboard gradebook

  1. Once you have created your quiz in Panopto go to your Blackboard course and navigate to the area in your course you would like your video quiz to appear and click on assessments>Panopto Assessment.
Panopto Assessment

  1. On the next page first, give your video quiz a name. Next click yes on “enable evaluation”. Once you do this you will see an area where you can input the number of points you would like the video quiz to be worth. Once you have put the number of points you would like the quiz to be worth click on submit at the bottom of the page.


Important note: Blackboard will read each quiz question in Panopto as 1 point and then turn those points into a percentage. That percentage will then be turned back into points based on the number of points you tell Blackboard the quiz is worth. For example: in Panopto you have a quiz with 3 questions, in Blackboard, you say this quiz is worth ten points, the student gets 2/3 questions correct, this would then be marked as a 6.667/10 in the Grade Center.

Grading options

  1. After hitting submit Blackboard will take you back to the content area you have put the quiz in. From here click on the link to the quiz that you just created.
Quiz link

The next screen will ask you which video you would like to add as a quiz in Blackboard. Using the drop-down menu at the top navigate to the folder where the video quiz you would like to add is located. Click the checkbox next to your video quiz and then click insert. After clicking insert you have successfully linked the video quiz in Panopto to Blackboard. Once your students click on the link they will be taken to your video quiz.

Insert video quiz

Viewing Panopto Quiz Results

  1. If you have linked a video quiz to the Blackboard grade center you will notice that a new column in the grade center has been created for that video quiz. However, that column will not show you which questions your students got right or wrong.
  2. To view this information you need to go back to the Panopto video quiz and click on the settings for the video you would like to view the detailed quiz results for.

  1. In the settings menu click on “quiz results” on the left side of the screen.
Quiz Results

Page last modified April 28, 2023