Panopto: Connecting to a Blackboard Course

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This page is referring to adding Panopto in Blackboard Classic. For up-to-date Blackboard Ultra handouts, please refer to this page:

To use Panopto in a course, a Panopto folder must be first provisioned for each course using Panopto each semester.

  1. Go to the tools section of a Blackboard course
Tools menu from the announcement page of a Blackboard course

  1. Click "Panopto Content"
Panopto Content link on the tools page of a course

  1. Click "Configure"
"This course is not provisioned with Panopto. Before a course can be used with Panopto it must be setup."

  1. Click "Add Course to Panopto"
Add Course to Panopto button

  1. Click "Return to Course"
List of initial users given access to the Panopto content with a button with return to course on it

Page last modified April 28, 2023