Blackboard: Merging Courses

What is class merging?

Multiple courses can be merged to create a single site for instructors to manage course materials. This allows the instructor to manage multiple sections of a course from a single site. Materials for the course only need to be posted once for all enrolled students to see, rather than posting to each separate course site. After merging the courses, a new Blackboard site is created containing the enrollments from the separate courses. The separate courses are now "child" courses and will be made unavailable.  

How to request a merge?

To request your courses be merged, please complete the Blackboard Course Merge Request Form located at:

  • Name of the course sites with sections numbers (Ex: STA 215 01 and STA 215 02).
  • If there are other instructors listed on the course sites, we will need to receive an approval from those instructors prior to the merge. This can be done through email. 

Things to consider

  • Requests to merge course sites should be made as early as possible and done before posting any materials to the course sites. If there are materials in the separate course sites they will not be automatically copied into the merged site, unless requested.  
  • Merging course sites will combine the Grade Center for all students. If you need to look at the courses separately in the Grade Center, Smart Views can be created.