Blackboard: Embed Panopto Video

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This page is referring to adding Panopto in Blackboard Classic. For up-to-date Blackboard Ultra handouts, please refer to this page:

  1. Once in Blackboard go to the content area where you would like to add your video and click on the Build Content button
Navigate to your weekly folder, click Build content

2. Click Item

Click Item

3. In the text editor click on the Plus symbol.

Click the plus symbol

4. Click on "Panopto Video"

Select Panopto Video

5. Select your video from the list shown. If you do not see your video follow steps a,b, and c to find it.

a. Click the drop-down menu at the top to find the folder it’s in.

b. If you don’t see the folder your video is in, click on the little black triangle next to the folder to expand the folder and see sub-folders.

c. Find the folder your video is in and click on it

Locate the folder your video is housed in

6. Click on your video to select it and press the Insert button

Click insert videos

7. When you see the video in your text editor you can click the Submit button

Click submit

8. After clicking Submit, your Panopto video should appear in your Blackboard course!

Please watch this video for a step by step visual guide on adding Panopto videos to Blackboard

Page last modified April 28, 2023