Blackboard: Course Availability

Making Your Course Available

From your Blackboard portal, you will see the classes your department has told the GVSU Registrar's office you are teaching. All courses are automatically marked as "unavailable" until the instructor makes them available to their students. This allows the instructor to build content and then when he/she is ready, they can activate (make available) the course to their students. Please note you will need to follow these instructions for every course you are teaching.

  1. Go to the course to be made available
  2. Go to the Control Panel
  3. Select Customization
  4. Select Properties

Note: Qwickly can also be used to "quickly" set your courses to available.

Control Panel - Properties

  1. Scroll to Set Availability and select Yes next to "Make Course Available"
  2. Click the Submit button

Set course availability to yes