Blackboard: Assignment Grading

New Box View Grading PDF

The New Box View supports Microsoft Office Files and images


  1. Enter the grade of the assignment in the “Attempt” area of the assignment

Grading an assignment

  1. Enter any additional feedback then click “Submit”

Grading an attempt and giving feedback

Student View

Students are able to view the instructor’s comments and highlights. They are also able to view the feedback given under the grade.

Student view of graded assignment

Highlighting Text

  1. Highlight text in the document with the cursor

Highlighted text in the New Box View

  1. Click the Highlighter icon that appears

New Box View highlighter Icon

Adding Comments

Comments on Highlighted Text

  1. Highlight the text in the document
  2. Click the Comment icon that appears

New Box View Comment Icon

  1. Enter a comment the click "Post"

New Box View Comment area

Point Comments

  1. Click the point annotation button on the upper right corner of the Box view
  2. Click anywhere in the document to add a point comment
  3. Enter a comment then click "Post"

New Box View point comment

Printing the Assignment

  1. Click the "Print button on the upper right corner of the Box view
  2. If a dialog appears confirming the document is ready to print, click the "Print" button

New Box View Print Button

Downloading the Assignment

  1. Click the “Download” button on the upper right corner of the Box view
  2. Depending on the internet browser’s settings either the document will be downloaded to the computer’s “Downloads” folder or a dialog box will appear asking where to save the document.

New Box View Download Icon

Adding Audio or Written Comments to Assignments

To grade Assignments with written and/or voice feedback

  1. Go into the Grade Center, hold your mouse over the cell with the attempt symbol and click the dropdown arrow.
  2. Select the Attempt.


Note: Instructors may annotate the student’s papers using the draw or point tools.
Instructors may also add written comments and voice comments.

Attempt option in dropdown

Annotate the student’s papers using the draw or point tools icons

  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the tiny blue line
  2. In the feedback to learner type or copy and paste any comments you wish to provide the student

Drop-down arrow on the tiny blue line

Written comment area. Where the recorded comment will go.

  1. To add Voice comments, click the A to get the full toolbar
  2. Click the Microphone in the bottom row, left side

Voice comments icon

Microphone icon

  1. Click the red start button to begin recording.
  2. Click Stop when finished
  3. Save and exit or Delete to rerecord.
  4. Rename if desired and click Insert Recording

Red start button turns into stop button

Insert Recording

  1. You can see that the recording has shown up in the textbox.
  2. After providing a score Click Submit.

Recording icon and name of the recording

Student point of view of recorded feedback

  1. For students to view comments and Click “Grades” in the Content Area, and then the assignment name.
  2. After clicking the Assignment, the “Review Submission History” page should appear to the right of the page, in the “assignment details” section, is where you will review instructors’ feedback. Additional comments may be added to the document.


Note: Students may also click on the thought bubble next to your score in the “My Grades” section to review written and oral feedback by instructors.

Grade option for students

Written comment and recorded icon