Blackboard: Adding Users to Courses

Adding Students to Courses

Blackboard student enrollments are received from Banner every three hours. Any student not registered for a course in Banner, but wants access in Blackboard, must first request permission from the Registrar’s Office.   

Blackboard Administrators can add: 1) students fulfilling incompletes, 2) graduate student assistants with the Teaching Assistant role, and 3) undergraduate student assistants with the Course Builder role. Any other student enrollment or access requests must be approved by the Registrar’s Office ( All requests for undergraduate student enrollments needing grading access begin with a "Student Grader Request Form" that must be completed by the instructor of the course.

Student enrollments are added to Blackboard courses three weeks prior to the beginning of a new semester, however instructors determine the availability of Blackboard courses. Updates resulting from students dropping or adding courses are reflected in Blackboard within three hours of the change in Banner.

Adding Instructors to Courses

Instructor of record in Banner are uploaded to Blackboard every three hours. Only the instructor of record can grant access to other users in their Blackboard course sites (such as teaching assistants or fellow instructors). To add other users access to courses, the instructor of record can email to have the users added.

Course Access Levels

  • Instructor - access to all of the control panel, can change privileges, access to grade center and course photo roster, receives emails from students who email “instructors” via myBb.
  • TA - access to almost all parts of the control panel, access to grade center, cannot access course photo roster and does not receive email to “instructors”
  • Grader - access to the grade center and assessment part of the control panel, cannot edit course content except to make tests available.
  • Course Builder - add/modify/delete content from the course site, access to the documents part of the control panel, cannot access grade center, can view Users & Groups, can create Grade Center columns with Batch Create Grade Columns tool.
  • Student - no access to the control panel or grade center, access to student roster and all available tools in course (i.e. email students)
  • Guest Access  - the person only has access to select content items. For items to be viewable an instructor must manually select permit guest for each content area. Guest access to the course is off by default and must be turned on.

**Please ensure you are requesting the minimal amount of access that the individual needs to ensure student success in the course.   Please reply to this email with the access level this enrollment addition to your course needs.


FERPA Notice

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of a students’ educational records. Personally identifiable information in a student's educational record is considered private and confidential. This information can be accessed by faculty and staff in order to perform their legitimate educational and duties for business purposes.  Being enrolled into a course that you are not assigned to as the official instructor of record provides you with access to student records which are protected under FERPA.

Learn more about FERPA at GVSU: