Adding/Removing Users in an Organization

To add a user to an organization that you are leading, go to the myBB tab on your Blackboard. At the top left, click on Add Module. 

Add module

Scroll down (you may need to click over to Page 2) to find My Organizations Plus, click on Add. If you have a Remove button, you already have the module on your myBB page. 

add my organizations plus module

Once you have added the module, go back to your myBb tab and find the module. This is the page that lists all of your courses. To add users, click on Edit Users next to the organization you are working in.

edit users

To add the users, click on Add Users, or to change a user’s role, click the drop down arrow next to their name. When you are finished, press Submit.


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Page last modified May 24, 2018