Adding Users to Courses

Adding Students to Courses

Blackboard student enrollments are received from Banner every three hours. Any student not registered for a course in Banner, but wants access in Blackboard, must first request permission from the Registrar’s Office.   

Blackboard Administrators can add students fulfilling incompletes, Graduate student assistants with Teaching Assistant access, and Undergraduate student assistants with Course Builder access. Any other student addition or access requests must be approved by the Registrar’s Office first at

Student enrollments are added to Blackboard courses three weeks prior to the beginning of a new semester, however instructors determine the availability of Blackboard courses. Updates resulting from students dropping or adding courses are reflected in Blackboard within three hours of the change in Banner.    


Adding Instructors to Courses

Instructor of record in Banner are uploaded to Blackboard every three hours. Only the instructor of record can grant access to other users in their Blackboard course sites (such as teaching assistants or fellow instructors).

Page last modified March 28, 2018