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Dan Giedeman

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3046 L. William Seidman Center


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Dr. Dan Giedeman earned his B.A. in economics and history and his M.S. in economics from Southern Illinois University -- Carbondale, and his Ph.D. in economics from Washington University in St. Louis. His research and teaching interests include banking particularly banking regulation and how banking may have influenced economic development; the determinants of long-run economic growth; and economic history. He also has an interest in comparing the economic systems of different nations and he recently spent a year as a visiting professor at the University of Konstanz in Germany. Dan is a member of several economic organizations including the American Economic Association.  He is a former president of the Economic and Business Historical Society and is currently an associate editor of Essays in Business and Economic History.


  • PH.D., Economics, Washington University in Saint Louis. (2001).
  • M.A., Economics, Washington University in Saint Louis. (1995).
  • M.S., Economics, Southern Illinois University. (1994).
  • B.A., Economics, Southern Illinois University. (1992).
  • B.A., History, Southern Illinois University. (1992).

Teaching Areas

  • Money and Banking
  • Macroeconomics
  • Economic History


  • Giedeman, D. and Sturgill, B (2016) “Factor Shares, Economic Growth and the Industrial Revolution” Essays in Economic and Business History
  • Giedeman, D., Compton, R. A., Hoover, G. A. (2015) “The Impact of Economic Freedom on the Black/White Income Gap” American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings
  • Giedeman, D., Compton, R. A., Hoover, G. A. (2014) “A Distributional Analysis of the Benefits of Economic Freedom” European Journal of Political Economy



  • Professional, Economic & Business Historical Society, Secretary-Treasurer, elected. (January 2011 - Present).
  • College, Journal Ranking Committee, Committee Member. (August 2010 - Present).
  • Editorial and Review Activities, Economic and Business Historical Society, Editorial Board Member. (August 2010 - Present)

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