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3044 L. William Seidman Center


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Dr. Gerry Simons received his Bachelor of Social Science in Money, Banking, and Finance from the University of Birmingham in his native England. He followed with his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Kansas, where he was an instructor in the economics department. His research and teaching interests are in International Economics and Economic Development.

Gerry Simons is a 2011 recipient of GVSU's Pew Teaching Excellence Award and a 1996 recipient of SCB's Outstanding Teacher Award. He is also a faculty advisor in the Seidman College of Business's International Business Program.


  • PH.D., Economics, University of Kansas. (1995).
  • M.A., Economics, University of Kansas. (1991).
  • B.Soc.Sci., Money, Banking and Finance, University of Birmingham, England. (1989).

Teaching Areas

  • International Economics
  • Emerging Markets


  • Simons, G., Isely, P. (2017). The Effect of Global Competition on Innovation in the Semiconductor Industry. International Journal of Applied Economics, 14(1), 13-18.
  • Simons, G., Isely, P. (2014). Innovation in the Automobile Industry: How the Changing Face of Global Competition Affects Motor Vehicle Patenting. Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 16(5), 82-85.
  • Sun, W., Simons, G. (2011). Monetary Integration in East Asia: Evidence from Real Effective Exchange Rates. Review of International Economics, 19(5), 865-876.


  • Seidman Business Review, Editor.
  • College Curriculum Committee, Chair.

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