Frequently Asked Questions

Do Business majors HAVE to take ECO 200 (Business Economics)?
No. ECO 200 can be used instead of taking both ECO 210 (Introductory Macroeconomics) AND ECO 211 (Introductory Microeconomics). Either option is permissible. However, if you are an economics major, you have to take 210 and 211.

What 300/400 level econ classes would be best for a marketing major?
Which classes are best for different majors depends on a lot of factors -- desired career path, personal strengths, individual interests, etc. We recommend that you come and talk to one of our faculty members -- perhaps somebody that you had in an introductory course. We are here to help you in your academic and lifetime careers, so please come in and ask for our advice!

I have already taken the intro econ classes, but I still, have to take some more economics classes before I graduate. Can I take ECO 100 (Current Economic Issues) to satisfy my graduation requirements?
No. Students with any economics course at ECO 200 and above cannot take ECO 100 for credit.

What is the difference between getting a B.A. and a B.S. with a major in economics?
The economics requirement for the two degrees is the same. However, to get the B.A. you also need demonstrated third-semester proficiency in a foreign language. 

I have taken 4 economics classes and 3 finance classes.  Can I have these count as an economics/finance minor?
Sorry. There is no minor at GVSU in finance and a minor in economics requires 21 credit hours in economics including ECO 210 and 211. Economics minors are not allowed to substitute other courses (such as finance) in place of those economics credits.

How can I get into a closed class?
Faculty in Seidman are not permitted to give closed class permits. If a course requires a registration permit, is closed, or prevents registration based on major, class, prerequisite, etc., students can request electronic overrides through myBanner.  Details can be found at this link. Capacity overrides are not permitted for closed classes.  Staff in the Seidman Undergraduate Programs Office in 1041 L. William Seidman Center ((616) 331-7500) are available to answer any questions you may have.

Does an Economics major in the form of a B.A. or B.S. require a 2.75 GPA to enter the college of business and take upper-level courses, or does it fall under a different set of requirements?
We have the same admission requirements for B.A., B.S., and B.B.A. majors.  As stated in the GVSU Catalog: "Because economics is a department in the Seidman College of Business, students must achieve a 2.75 cumulative GPA and 55 semester hours to be admitted to the economics program."  New requirements for students admitted to GVSU under the 2016-17 catalog year can be found here.

How can I get help with my Economics class?
The GVSU SASC Tutoring Center provides Economics tutoring at no cost to you. Students in ECO 100, 200, 210, and 211 and upper-level students may submit a request (upper-level tutoring help can be requested, but is not guaranteed.) Click the “Request a tutor” link toward the top of the page and complete the “request for tutoring” form(s).  The Seidman Tutoring Center offers walk-in Economics tutoring each fall and winter semester. Information about these services can be found at Be sure to utilize your instructor's office hours for questions as well!