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Dr. Richard John Lynn (2016)

Richard John Lynn. A. B. Princeton University (magna cum laude); M.A. University of Washington; Ph.D. Stanford University; positions at universities in New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A. and Canada; finally Professor of Chinese thought and literature, University of Toronto, now Professor Emeritus. His publications include Kuan Yün-shih [1286-1324] (Twayne, 1980), Chinese Literature: A Draft Bibliography in Western European Languages (Australian National University Press, 1980), Guide to Chinese Poetry and Drama (G. K. Hall, 1984), The Classic of Changes: A New Translation of the I Ching as Interpreted by Wang Bi (Columbia University Press, 1994; CD-ROM, 1996), The Classic of the Way and Virtue: A New Translation of the Tao-te ching of Laozi as Interpreted by Wang Bi (Columbia University Press, 1999). He is the editor of James J. Y. Liu, Language — Paradox — Poetics: A Chinese Perspective (Princeton University Press, 1988). Current works in progress include a new translation and study of the Daoist classic, the Zhuangzi, with the complete commentary of Guo Xiang (for Columbia University Press), and a book-length study of Huang Zunxian’s literary experiences in Japan (1877– 82).

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