EAS Courses and Requirements

EAS 201 East Asia in the Contemporary World. Prepares students for encountering East Asia in various ways. Introduces East Asian cultures, political and economic systems, international relationships, recent developments, traditional customs and behavior patterns, differences between regions, and historical roots of some contemporary situations. Fulfills Cultures - World Perspectives. Three credits. Offered fall semester.

EAS 301 Masterpieces of East Asian Literature. Explores the literary masterpieces of China and Japan. Students will sample representative genres, such as poetry, dramas, novels, and short stories, from various periods that introduce the East Asian ways of thinking and living, namely, Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, and Shinto. Prerequisite: Junior standing or EAS 201. Three credits. Offered winter semester of odd-numbered years.

EAS 399 Independent Studies. Before registering, students must arrange for supervision by an East Asian studies faculty member and submit a contract (available from the EAS coordinator) specifying the topic and scope of the study. Ordinarily, no more than three credits of EAS 399 may count toward the minor. Instructor approval required prior to registration. One to three credits. Offered every semester.

HST 342 History of Buddhism and East Asian Religions. Required for Major, Required for Minor, Elective-Religious Studies and East Asian Minor, General Education: World Perspectives and Issues/Identity.

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