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Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing is the internet-based storage for files, applications, and infrastructure. One could say cloud computing has been around for many years, but now a company may buy or rent space for their daily operations.  

The cost savings in implementing a cloud system is substantial, and the pricing for use of cloud computing can easily be scaled up or down as determined by necessity.

Learning Links

Online storage vs. External hard drives:

There are many different factors to consider when looking to expand your computer data storage capacity by means of online storage or external hard drive storage. These include storage capacity, cost, ease of use, convenience, added features, security concerns, cost efficiency, access to data, data safety, and maintenance.  For more information view the full article. 

Cloud Contract

An article from the UNC School of Government that outlines the most important considerations when making a contract with a company for cloud storage. These include Pricing, data assurance, right to audit and inspect, service level agreements, remediation/penalties, disaster recovery/ business continuity, outsourced services, and termination.

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