In order to keep electronic data safe corporations are using technology to monitor their employees. Below are some helpful links that describe the various monitoring technologies and resources that are currently being used in the work place.

Legal Monitoring Tools

Contract with Industrial Security Firm

A model contract that outlines the most important considerations when making a contract with an Industrial Security Firm regarding data security.  These include services provided, reporting procedures and confidentiality, licensing, bonding, indemnification, billing statements and payments, contract dispute or termination, and signatures of the parties.  It also provides an example of a hypothetical report created by the Industrial Security Firm. 

About Industrial Security Firms

There is a need for a Industrial Security Firm to protect companies from employee theft and help punish offenders. They operate on the private sector and offer both preventative and investigative services to help small companies prevent/limit employee theft. There are several legal implications of tracking/monitoring employees that companies and ISFs must follow in order for employees to maintain their reasonable expectation of privacy.

Page last modified November 1, 2015