Legal Issues

The law has not kept up with technology but the courts and congress are trying. Some of these cases are criminal cases but we believe that they have an impact on all civil and criminal cases involving technology and the monitoring of an individual. Review the cases below to gain a deeper understanding of how technology and law are working together and changing.


Cell Phone Privacy Rights

Supreme Court states police need warrant in some searches of cell phones.

Cell Phones (texting) and Privacy

Police department allowed to search police officer department pager.

E-mail and privacy at work

Employer may not read various e-mail on employers server. 

Student Cell Phone Search

School must obtain a warrant to obtain a students cell phone.

Unlocked iPhone Case 

Court orders Apple to build software that allows the FBI to circumvent passcode protections

Freedom of Speech on Social Media

Supreme Court rules violent Facebook posts not threats unless intent. 




Facebook Password Case

Court required woman in lawsuit to hand over her Facebook password to other side in lawsuit. 

Private Password Disclosure

1st and 4th amendment rights must be considered when government demands passwords. 


GPS and Privacy

Police need a warrant for long term GPS tracking. 

Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking 

Police may or may not be be able to track cell phones. This court found it legal. 




Decryption of a Seized Data Storage System - Case 1

Case 1 compliance with warrant may violate 5th amendment rights in child pornography case.

Decryption of a Seized Data Storage System - Case 2

New evidence found (after case 1) by FBI caused court to hold that a warrant was not a violation of 5th amendment in the child pornography case.

Employer liable for workplace web porn

Employers must be vigilant in monitoring technology used by employees. 

Employer Collection of Employee Health Data

University employees voice strong concern over privacy rights that they think were violated by their 


Houston Astros Hack

The former executive of the St. Louis Cardinals gained access to a private database with information about trade discussions and notes about the Astros scouting list. This was the result of a weak password to the database that a former Cardinals employee continued using when he starting working for the Astros. 

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European Union

European Union Flag

Google Antitrust Case

Google is currently facing antitrust charges from the European Union based on apps on Android phones, Google Adsense, and the way Google displays search results.

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