Data Theft and Monitoring Employees

As more company information is saved electronically there is an increase in the theft of this data. Data theft is a huge problem for every company regardless of size or location. Corporations lose billions of dollars per year as a result of data theft. Companies must be diligent in guarding against this threat. The problem is that data thieves (hackers) may come from outside a company or they may be a company's own employees.

Monitoring for potential theft by outside hackers typically does not raise privacy concerns. Yet various modes of monitoring a company's employees may provoke such concerns. The courts have been slow to address these privacy concerns and often differ in their opinions depending on the location and make-up of the appellate courts.

Employers must keep a vigilant eye on the decisions of the state and federal courts in regard to the monitoring of their employees. Otherwise they risk violating privacy rights and this can be a costly mistake.

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Companies do not report hacking

Have you ever wondered about the security of your investments with a company? Not just monetary, but your investments of information and personal details. While most people may not think about how secure their information is, or think that it is very secure, there's a strong chance it is not as safe as you might think. Many large corporations are faced with hacking attempts on a regular basis. To find out more about how this is covered up see the full text below.

Foreign countries are hacking companies

It is a daily occurrence for major corporations to face hacking threats from anywhere in the world. In April of 2012 one such threat turned out to produce results for the hackers who gained employee usernames and encrypted passwords after their attack. Many attacks of this nature often go unnoticed. For more information about this specific occurrence read the full text below.

How to avoid employee data theft

As we have progressed to a near fully digital work environment many data safety precautions must be accounted for. In days past priority information was locked away where unauthorized employees could not access it. Fast forward to today, any employee with some computer know how has the potential to find themselves in a folder they should not be in and taking the information out of it. Employers need to make sure that they are protecting themselves against employee data theft. To learn more about protecting your business from employee theft please see the full text below.

Motorola employee data theft

Many times hacking threats go unnoticed or are handled by major corporations. This is not true for all of them though, sometimes action must be taken against those seeking out their information. Many times these attacks are internal by employees stealing data. In February 2007 Motorola experienced this when one of their employees was found carrying hundreds of confidential Motorola documents while trying to leave the country. To find out more about what actions Motorola took please see the full text below.

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