Cyber Harassment involves a communication in an online capacity through an electronic device or through social networking with a purpose to harass another, either through a physical threat to inflict injury or commit a crime against the person, or by conveying indecent and obscene material with the purpose to emotionally harm another.

In a recent case two college students named Ravi and Wei were convicted of invasion of privacy because they used a computer camera to watch Ravi's roommate, Clementi, have romantic relations with his partner.They then posted the footage to social media resulting with Clementi committing suicide. For more information on this case see the link below. 

Revenge Porn is online harassment that involves the non-consensual posting of sexually explicit material.

In another recent case a couple dated the several months and exchanged sexually explicit photos and videos. They then broke up and the man posted the photos and videos on pornographic websites. The woman is now suing on the basis of copyright law violation because she took the pictures and he did not have her permission to post them. For more information on the case see the link below.

Page last modified October 6, 2017