CCTV in the Workplace

A film spotlighting the aspects of CCTV.


A CCTV (closed circuit TV) system is made up of a video camera monitoring device, a wire to carry the feed, and a monitor to view the feed or a storage system to save the feed. It can be a powerful deterrence in the workplace to monitor areas and employees. There are limits to using CCTV. For example, CCTVs cannot be used in private areas (bathrooms) and they should only be used for legitimate business uses.

There are several different cases that set a legal framework in which CCTVs can be used.  The cases pit an employee’s right to privacy versus an employer’s valid business reason (i.e. theft). Typically the courts find that if the employer is using CCTV for valid business reasons and is not using the system in a private area (i.e. locker room, bathroom) then the monitoring is legal. Employers should inform employees that they may be monitored by CCTV but they need not tell them exactly where the technology is located.

Page last modified June 8, 2017