Learning Specialist

Learning Skills Curriculum Specialist

Learning Skills assistance provides students with strategies for collegiate success through individual preparation and guidance with a learning skills curriculum specialist.  This program is designed for students in DSR who have a desire to improve academic performance or be more successful.  This service is provided to identify and explore the unique learning characteristics of students who feel that their own study efforts are not reflected in the academic performance.  For example, this could include students on the Dean’s List, students that are earning all B grades, students that are having difficulties and also for the students that may want to refine various need-based study skills. The desired goal of Learning Skills assistance is to help students get the most out of their learning experiences as motivated and organized learners at Grand Valley State University.

To meet with our learning skills curriculum specialist and receive an initial assessment of your overall learning skills please call the Disability Support Resources office at 616-331-2490. Plan on one hour for your first meeting. An individualized plan of strategies specific for your learning skills as well as goal setting will be covered that day. You may meet with the learning skills curriculum specialist throughout the academic year. 

Page last modified September 2, 2015