GVSU Vehicle Use COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Proper Safety Protocol Procedures for Vehicular Travel

  • Fill out self-assessment sheet before arrival (online or form)
  • If feeling ill or showing symptoms stay home and contact trip advisor- DO NOT ENTER VAN
  • Masks are required to be worn to ride in the vehicle
    • Unless accommodated by Disability Resource Services
  • Hand sanitizer is in the vehicle and required upon entering the vehicle
    • Also required upon arriving to destination
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times
  • A spray bottle of cleaner should be in vehicles- wipe down after use, especially: Door Handles, Arm Rests, Seatbelts, Console, Steering Wheel
  • Increase air circulation by: opening windows, or adjust to outside air conditioning 

Fuel Safety Protocol

  • Check fuel level. Vehicle should be fueled.
    • If not, contact Customer Service (616) 331-3000
  • When entering a gas station properly wear a mask
  • After pumping gas either:
    •  Use hand sanitizer in van
    • Wash hands in the gas station

Seating Occupancy

  • When a distance of six feet isn’t possible, maximize space between occupants by:
    • Facing the same direction
    • Staggering seating
    • Sitting in alternate rows


  • Enterprise plans to rotate vans in between each use so they can be cleaned/ sanitized each time.     
  • GVSU plans to schedule a day apart with university motor pool in order to allow for cleaning/ sanitizing. 

Managing Travel Risks

Some modes of travel may make social distancing difficult, increasing risk for COVID-19. When considering university travel deemed essential for groups, use of the GVSU Group Travel Risk Assessment Tool is encouraged to identify with planning. Individuals approved for essential travel are strongly encouraged to review and follow the CDC’s guidance.