Please welcome our newest Detroit Center student worker and her amazing story! :)

In 2016, Detroit Native, Armani Patterson enrolled in Grand Valley State University. Currently, she is a senior studying Communications. During her sophomore year, Armani decided to become more active on campus. She took pride in being apart of the student organizations, Black Student Union, and Detroit Does Well. Armani joined the Executive Board for both organizations. She was the event planner for both organizations. After entering those organizations, Armani became intrigued by her positive involvement on campus.

While being at Grand Valley, Armani has had the opportunity to host many events. Her most memorable hosting event was when she was chosen to be the Mistress for the Black Graduation Ceremony. In her free time, she would host award ceremonies, fashion shows, and fundraising events for multiple organizations. This year she will be hosting the annual Hair Show put on by the organization You Beautiful Black Women, better known as Y.B.B.W.

Through hosting, Armani has gained tremendous networking and relationship building techniques. Armani earned the opportunity to complete her last fall semester through a partnership program with University of Michigan and GV, called Semester in Detroit (S.I.D.), hosted at the UM Detroit Center. Armani is set to return to the Allendale campus Winter semester to complete her degree in April 2020. After graduation, Armani plans to fulfill her career goal, which is to become a Communications Director.

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Page last modified October 23, 2019