Design Thinking at GVSU

Grand Valley State University lives in the center of a design ecosystem, where creativity and innovation are basic to economic and social growth. The scale and complexity of today’s and future problems require the ability for different disciplines to work together on common problems. Grand Valley has liberal education at the core of our education mission. The Design Thinking Initiative aims to expand opportunities for students to experience and learn the process of design thinking, enhance their employability, and help them further their liberal education. Employers are looking for collaborators and those experienced in design thinking as a creative process.

As a comprehensive institution with more than 200 programs, and with multiple community partners, Grand Valley is ideally situated to host this multidisciplinary, integrative approach and nurture the design thinking ecosystem for the West Michigan community.

A GVSU marketing and communications class began working with an Amway sponsored project to both learn design thinking and apply the process to an area on Amway’s interest. This video documents the first phase of that project.

The Design Thinking Initiative has piloted two DT Deep Dives for GVSU students. The purpose was to prototype a DT experience for consideration of doing more. Working on the issue of “How might we improve the experience of living mobile lives?", here’s a video that captures some of that experience.