Visualizing Data

Visualization links

For free, point-and-click data visualization, try the following: 

PlotlyCreate a wide range of static graphic visualizations, or interactive graphics for sharing online.  Allows 'forking' and social editing of public visualizations.  One private visualization is free; multiple private visualizations require a paid subscription. Check out the tutorials at

DatawrapperCreate univariate or time series visualizations from common types. Datawrapper is used by news media outlets, such as the UK's The Guardian; readers will notice a familiar look and feel.  Unlimited static charts can be created for free, but exporting charts to anything other than PDF form requires a paid subscription. 

Infogram: Upload your data, create, and share an infographic online.  

Raw: Create web-based visualizations from a gallery of common chart types, all without uploading your data anywhere.  Visualizations are created in your web browser without moving data off your local data storage.  Visualizations can be exported as graphics files or shared online via HTML code.   

Tableau: An extensive software application for data management, analysis, and visualization. Download the 'public' version of Tableau to your desktop computer.  




Workshop Materials


(CSV format) Irises.txt .  Anderson's 1936(?) Irises data. Measurements in centimeters of Sepal Length, Sepal Width, Petal Length, and Petal Width in centimeters, and Iris species name.    

(CSV format) developmentdata.txt. World Bank data on countries around the world in 2010, consisting of GDP per capita (constant 2000 US$), fertility rate (total births per woman), and carbon dioxide emissions (metric tons of CO2 per capita), and a few others.

(CSV format) painters.txt  Data from eighteenth century art critic, de Piles, of 54 classical painters assessed on four characteristics: composition, drawing, color and expression. Each measure is an integer ranging from 0 to 20. Source: Venables, W. N. and Ripley, B. D. (2002) Modern Applied Statistics with S. Fourth edition. Springer.

(CSV format) gvsusocialsciencemajors.txt. GVSU Institutional Analysis counts of majors from 1999 to 2015 in Political Science and related fields. 

(CSV format) speedski.txt. Results from 2011 World Speed Skiing Championships, Verbier, Switzerland. 

(CSV format) bostonhousing.txt Various characteristics of Boston, Massachusetts housing markets. Described here.


Please note: There is a file type conflict between GVSU and The data files are  saved as .txt files (GVSU does not allow the .csv file extension), but expects csv files to have a .csv file extension and not .txt!   So you'll need to rename these datafiles before uploading to  The .txt file extension works fine on the other sites. 

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