Darwin's Journey to GVSU

Check out the highlights of Darwin's trip to GVSU!

Darwin in Long

Heading to the USA!

Charles Darwin sent us a picture before heading off to Heathrow airport.
He is saying good bye to London, and starting his journey to the United States!
We wish him safe travels!

Darwin in Michigan


Made it in February 8th in Detroit. Let's travelled across the state! No HMS Beagle this time, though.

Big House

The Big House

I am pretty sure their football is different than mine.

Darwin at Spartan Stadium

At Spartan Stadium

Met someone named Sparty here

Grand Rapids

Hello, Grand Rapids!

And the finch has landed! Charles Darwin is officially in Grand Rapids!


Research Goes On

Getting in some morning research.

Two Beards

Nom nom

Oh ho, what do we have here? An irresistible sandwich!

Public Museum

Cool stuff

Of course Darwin had to visit a museum while he was in town!

Public Museum

This looks familiar...

Well, that is convenient!


Arrived at GVSU

Hello, Lakers!

T. Haas

President Haas

Time to meet some folks on campus


Chuck and Fred

Schmoozing with CLAS Dean Antczak!

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