Fall Arts

2017 Fall Arts Celebration: Dance

Celebrating Originality: Defying Gravity with Aerial Dance Chicago

Monday, November 6, 7:30 PM
Louis Armstrong Theatre
Performing Arts Center
Allendale Campus

Prelude carillon concert from 7:10–7:25 p.m. featuring
University Carillonneur Professor Julianne Vanden Wyngaard

Dance performance followed by reception

Fall Arts 2017 presents one of the world’s first professional aerial dance companies: Aerial Dance Chicago (ADC). A pioneer and an international leader in the field, ADC is dedicated to presenting original choreography and performance in the field of aerial dance. ADC launches itself into the creative and physical possibilities of the vertical realm and transcend assumed limits of dance, as it explores the potential for compelling and powerful expression within multidimensional space.

We are proud and excited to present this underrepresented art form to West Michigan audiences. Incorporating a variety of apparatus, such as suspended fabrics, bungee cords, hoops, swings, and ropes, Chloe Jensen, creative director of Aerial Dance Chicago, brilliantly conceives a vision where dancers are no longer bound to the traditional dance floor. Don't miss this opportunity to be immersed in a new world of athleticism in dance coupled with a quality of dance elegance in the air that is second to none.

Aerial Dance Chicago

Aerial Dance Chicago

Aerial Dance Chicago

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