Violence Prevention Peer Educators

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As Violence Prevention Peer Educators, we always start by believing victim/survivors

Start by Believing Video

what does a peer ed do?

Applications to be a Violence Prevention Peer Educator are closed for the academic year.

All of our workshops are facilitated by our Violence Prevention Peer Educators who have had, and continue to go through, extensive training on facilitation skills, sexual violence, interpersonal violence, stalking, gender-based harassment, power & control, and best practices and research.

To become a Violence Prevention Peer-Educator, you will undergo an application process, brief interview, 15+ hours of mandatory paid training, and are expected to attend weekly 1 hour team meetings. Peer-eds build their own schedules and take shifts to facilitate workshops as they are requested. We hire Violence Prevention Peer Educators based off of their willingness and ability to learn and adapt, and look for individuals who are interested in advocating for victim/survivors, having vulnerable conversations, and doing self-work. 

what are our programs about?

All violence prevention workshops are created to challenge attitudes and beliefs around gender-based violence and are trauma-informed and victim/survivor centered. Although each workshop has a different focus, all programs include tangible tools on how to cultivate a culture of support that honors all experiences with gender-based violence.

To see a full list of our programs or to request a customized workshop, follow this link here!

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Page last modified September 26, 2022