P.E.P. Talks

P.E.P Talks

Peer Education and Prevention (P.E.P.) Talks is an interactive bystander intervention program led by student peer educators. Our programs are 90 minutes in length and contain information about what it means to be an active bystander. Participants are provided with skills they can utilize to intervene in situations in which sexual assault or harassment may occur. The program includes discussion on bystanders, rape culture, empathy building exercises, skill-building exercises, and a pledge to be an active bystander.

When are programs?

Programs are often throughout the semester and are open to anyone to attend. Programs are LIB 100/201 approved! Programs can be found on the Center for Women and Gender Equity Events Calendar. Additionally, you can request a program for your student organization or group!

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How can I become a peer educator?

We often hire peer educators at the beginning of each semester. Check out our Get Involved page to look for hiring opportunities!

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