Get Involved

Get Involved

Active bystanders can intervene before sexual assault occurs.

Active bystanders can address sexist attitudes and beliefs to combat behavior that supports sexual violence.

Active bystander are pro-social and intervene in ways that impact the outcome positively.

Active bystanders influence their peer group and community.

Simply checking in with someone can stop the momentum of something bad happening: Hey, we're all trying to have a good time. Is everything okay here?

In order to create a safer community, everyone can take steps to be an active bystander:

Consider whether the situation demands some action

Decide if you feel a responsibility to act

Choose what form of assistance you can use to intervene

Listen and be open to a person seeking help

Ask yourself, “If I were in this situation, would I want someone to help?”

Even small interventions can make a big difference in a questionable situation.

Just distracting someone, saying something, checking in with a person can stop the momentum of something bad

Use your cell phone (or any phone) to contact 911

Speak up if someone is using oppressive language

During the school year, we have plenty of programming around topics regarding gender-based violence with specific programming for Stalking Awareness Month (January), Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), and Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October). Check out our events calendar for this school years programs. We also have regular programming through P.E.P. Talks and ReACT!

Student organizations are a great way to get involved on campus and find other passionate students. While student organizations are not run by the Center for Women and Gender Equity, we often collaborate and provide support to student organizations.


Army of Survivors

Peer educators are often hired at the beginning of semesters to facilitate P.E.P. Talks - our bystander intervention program. 

We are currently hiring a GA for Fall 2020. Check out the graduate assistantship tab to apply!