Activate: Service Learning with the Center for Women and Gender Equity

Activate is a GVSU collaboration between the five campus social justice centers and the Community Service Learning Center.  Activate provides service learning opportunities and supports our CWGE mission of gender justice.  Activate members engage in a number of ways:

Activate... the Center for Women and Gender Equity

Utilize your skills and talents to support the Center for Women and Gender Equity . Examples include:

  • Staffing a Center for Women and Gender Equity event
  • Being a member of the Center for Women and Gender Equity social media committee
  • Transporting items from our YWCA donation bin to the YWCA in Grand Rapids
  • Assisting with Replenish-student food pantry donations

Activate... Campus

Represent the Center for Women and Gender Equity around campus. As an Activate member, this may include:

  • Tabling on behalf of the Center for Women and Gender Equity at events
  • Writing a guest blog post for GVSU Feminist Voices
  • Applying to be a Center for Women and Gender Equity Ambassador *Year-long commitment

Activate.. Community

Engage with the community through opportunities such as:

  • Days of Service: Great for those of you with tight schedules, these one-time day-long service projects allow you to engage with one of our many community partners on a short-term basis. We provide the transportation!
  • Agency Placements: With over 15 partner agencies, we can facilitate a semester (or longer) service placement in the community. See the back of this sheet for a full list of organizations. *Semester-long commitment
  • Other community engagement opportunities are regularly posted throughout the year on Blackboard

How Do I Get Involved?

1. Register at:

2. Sign up for opportunities through Blackboard

  • Once you have completed the online training, you will have access to sign up for opportunities on the Activate Blackboard site. All service opportunities are posted here; sign-up is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Most opportunities are posted at the beginning of the semester; it's best to complete orientation ASAP.

3. Interested in Agency Placements? An additional one-on-one meeting is required to discuss your interests.

  • These meetings will be scheduled AFTER you complete orientation.

Have additional questions or concerns? Contact:

Associate Director, Sharalle Arnold    616.331.2748

If you are interested in working with the Center for Women and Gender Equity Activate program as a partner agency, please contact us by calling 331-2748 or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can participate in Activate?
A. Activate is open to GVSU students, faculty, and staff

Q. How many hours per week will I have to commit to?
A. It's up to you! You determine what opportunities you want to sign up for and how much time you want to give. Some students may sign-up for one event the entire year while others may commit to 5-10 hours a week. Most semester long volunteer opportunities are very flexible and will require a one to two-hour commitment per week for the student.

Q. Will I have to attend weekly meetings?
A. No, Activate is facilitated online through Blackboard. All Activate members are required to complete the online training before signing up for opportunities. If you're interested in an Agency Placement, an additional one-on-one meeting is required. All Activate opportunities are posted online through Blackboard.

Q. Can I join Activate as part of a class assignment?
A. Yes! We work with professors in many majors to find opportunities that will fulfill your classroom requirement.

Q. Once I have started, do I need to document my hours?
A. Yes, all volunteers are asked to log their hours through GVSU's Service Tracker.

Q. If I joined Activate last year (the 2016/2017 version is NO LONGER valid), do I need to complete the online training or register again this year to continue being involved?
A. YES!!! Once you have registered and completed the online training (new module added Aug. 2017), you are considered an Activate member for the duration of your time as a student. You will only be removed from the Activate Blackboard group if you graduate or ask to be removed. 


We invite you to check out our Annual Report to see detailed outcomes about Activate:
Activate AY 2016/2017 Annual Report

Page last modified October 5, 2017