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October Spotlight: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) is the largest of Grand Valley's colleges. Our students choose from more than 50 bachelor degrees (and a growing number of advanced degrees) in the natural and mathematical sciences, the fine arts and humanities, and the social sciences. In fact, all GVSU undergraduates build the foundation for their major studies in general education courses offered by our College.

Dean Frederick J. Antczak
College Office: B-4-232 MAK
Ph. 616 331 2495


Sustainability Events

Department Seminars –


  • Kristi Klomp, Executive Director of the Timberland Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. will be speaking on Tuesday, October 9 from 1 to 2:15 in 262 PAD.  Space is extremely limited (standing room only).
  • Paul Rogers, MDNR Forest Fire Office, will be speaking on Tuesday October 23 from 1 to 2:15 in 262 PAD.  Space is extremely limited (standing room only). 


TEDx Energy event 
The Frauenthal Center’s Beardsley Theatre
October 11, 2012
9:15 am to 5:00 pm
$30 Registration Fee (  $5 will go to benefit our community.)
Visit to register.       

CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium
October 19, 2012 at 2:30-5:00 p.m.
Room 308 Padnos Hall

  • Chuck Pazdernik – “’The Fates have given men an enduring heart': An ethic of sustainability in archaic Greek poetry.”
  • Peter Wampler – “Sustainability of water supply in Haiti and capacity building through scholarships for Haitian students.”
  • Sheila Blackman – “Seed banking as a critical tool in sustaining managed ecosystems.”
  • Heather Van Wormer – “Extinctions, Environmentalism, and Ecovillages: Sustainability in New Zealand.”

CLAS faculty from a range of disciplines will make presentations on the theme of sustainability.

CLAS Mindgating at Homecoming
October 20, 2012 at 4-6:30 p.m.
Homecoming Expo, Outdoor Basketball Courts
Sustainability will be featured in the activities at the CLAS table. 

Zero Waste at Homecoming Football Game
October 20, 2012 at 7 p.m.
Football Stadium
Student groups (SWCS, BIO club, SEC etc.) and other volunteers will work to ensure as close to a zero waste Homecoming football game as possible.

Sustainability in the Spotlight throughout CLAS Activities
In October, CLAS publications and meetings will feature sustainability content highlighting what CLAS is accomplishing and might accomplish in the future. 

  • CLAS Acts (October 1)--faculty e-newsletter.  Featured article on sustainability (interview with James Moyer) - link
  • Some past articles related to sustainability -
  • CLAS Student Advisory Committee Meeting (October 5)
    The CLAS Student Advisory Committee advises the Dean and the CLAS Dean’s office on matters of direct relevance to students and identifies current issues relevant to students. At this meeting the committee will discuss sustainability programs they think are making a difference at GVSU and what types of sustainability programs GVSU should consider doing or doing better.
  • CLAS Alumni Board Meeting (October 6)
    The CLAS Alumni Board advises the Dean and the CLAS Dean’s office on matters of direct relevance to alumni as well as advice on challenges facing the college. At this meeting the board will discuss sustainability issues and hear a presentation by Al Steinman of AWRI on the Blue Economy.
  • CLAS Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Luncheon (October 19)
    Through the CLAS Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Program, departments invite outstanding alumni of their undergraduate programs back to campus to share with the GVSU community their post-graduation experiences and insights about what constitutes strong academic preparation for students. Our luncheons feature local, inclusive, and sustainable choices.
  • Radio Interviews--
    Every month faculty of the college are features on the Shelley Irwin WGVU radio show.  Many of these share information on projects with direct relevance to sustainability. 
  • In the most recent Chemistry Department Newsletter, the department's sustainability work is described on page 11.  Here's a link to the newsletter.

See what twelve anthropology students had to say about their two week stay at Wilderland, a centre for sustainable living on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.


Peter Wampler (GEO) gives a talk about the hazards of fracking:



Examples of Sustainability Focused Classes 

ANT     111      Peoples of the World

ANT     307      Local Field school

ANT     311      Native Peoples of North America

ANT     320      Culture and Disease

ANT     340      Culture and Environment

ANT     345      Perspectives on Globalization

ANT     355      Migration in the Americas

BIO      109      Plants in the World

BIO      308      Wildlife Ecology

BIO      319      Global Agricultural Sustainability

BIO      407      Biology and Society: Study Abroad

BIO      470      Conservation Biology

BIO      651      Emerging Issues in Water Resources

BMS    100      Human Health and Disease

CHM   311      Green Chemistry and Industrial Processes

CMB    150      Biotechnology and Society

GPY    324      Urbanization

GPY    335      Geographic Patterns: Global Development

GPY    361      Historical Geography of the Amazon

GPY    362      A Geography of World Agriculture and Farmers

GPY    363      World Forests and Their Use

NRM   150      Introduction to Natural Resources

NRM   407      Natural Resources and Society: Study Abroad

NRM   451      Natural Resource Policy

NRM   462      Forest Ecosystem Management

NRM   495      Trends in Natural Resources Management

PHY    200      Physics for the Life Sciences

PHY    303      The World After Einstein

PLS     102      American Government and Politics

PLS     103      Issues in World Politics

PLS     207      Introduction to U.S. Environmental Policy

SOC    377      Globalization: Structures and Movements

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