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Full day and half day workshops are offered for teachers, administrators, board members, and additional staff. Wide range of topics are offered. We offer two types of workshops, one type is conducted on the Grand Rapids or Detroit GVSU campus, while the other is offered by community partners. 

Sustained-learning opportunities are on-going programs where a cohort is created and that groups meets multiple times throughout the year. Specific curriculum and teaching strategies will be of focus in each of these cohorts. 

We have consultants on our staff that specialize in many areas of in-school instruction, including those below. 

  • Data-driven instruction
  • Reading instruction
  • Math instruction
  • Classroom Management
  • Using Technology in the Classroom
  • English Language Learners

Full details and contact information

Who can attend

All workshops are open to ALL teachers, principals, and staff. However, staff employed at a GVSU-authorized school may attend for free, while others will have to pay a minimal fee.

Sustained training is available to GVSU-authorized charter schools only. If you are interested, and do not qualify for our program, feel free to reach out to our partners.

In-school training is available at no-cost for GVSU-authorized charter schools. Other schools are welcome to hire our consultants at a full day or half day rate. 


Questions may be directed to Erin Abel at 616-331-2240.

Page last modified June 1, 2018