Professional Education

GVSU Charter Schools Office offers many forms of professional education for teachers, administrators, board members, parents, and pre-service teachers. We split up the programs we offer into four categories: workshops, cohorts, embedded, and scholarships. Below you will see what is included in each of these categories and what might be the best fit for you. We are innovation in learning, and strive to provide children and adults with a valuable education. 


Full day and half day workshops are offered for teachers, administrators, board members, parents, pre-teacher students and additional staff. 


Cohorts are on-going programs. You sign up at the beginning of the school year and attend multiple sessions throughout the year based the same topic. Specific curriculum and teaching strategies will be of focus in each of these cohorts. 


We have consultants on our staff that specialize in many areas of embedded instruction including literacy, assessment, technology, and leadership.


Do you wish to attend a workshop or conference outside of GVSU? If so, you may submit an application for the GVSU Charter Schools Office to review and see if we may subsidize the registration fee. 


Questions may be directed to GVSU Charter Schools Office at 616-331-2240.

Page last modified September 4, 2018